Brief cartoon Video explaining Cap and Trade

The Story of Cap and Trade

Although they sound sim­i­lar, Cap and Trade and Cap and Share are entirely dif­fer­ent approaches to cli­mate change:

CAP and SHARE ( is a sys­tem which can be used to CAP (to lim­it and dra­mat­i­cally reduce the car­bon com­ing into the coun­try in line with the sci­ence), and to SHARE (to dis­trib­ute the rev­enue raised to ensure peo­ple have the money to cope with the increased price in all goods and ser­vices which have car­bon content).

In con­trast, CAP and TRADE (the EU response to cli­mate change, and the approach being pro­posed at Copen­hagen) sim­ply enables busi­ness as usu­al (soar­ing emis­sions, soar­ing fuel prices and soar­ing prof­its for the heavy emit­ters) to con­tinue. See this superb 20 minute car­toon expla­na­tion of how Cap and Trade works: The Story of Cap and Trade

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