Local Food Links — next meeting 25th January

Hi, we just wanted to let you know what happened at PEDAL’s recent Local Food Links event, and our plans for the next event — where we hope lots of loc­al people will come along to start work­ing togeth­er for loc­ally-pro­duced food grown and sold here in Portobello.

On Tuesday 23rd November in the Community Centre, Heather and Pete of Whitmuir Organics hos­ted a dis­cus­sion on loc­al food in Portobello.  A group of 16 loc­al people got togeth­er to cre­ate a vis­ion of a fant­ast­ic food future for Portobello … loc­ally-pro­duced and organ­ic … then work out how we might get there.

Have a look at the map we cre­ated, and the dia­gram sum­mar­ising the cur­rent PEDAL Food groups and pro­jects, which is on the Food page of this website.

We are hold­ing a fol­low up event on Tuesday 25th January from 7 – 9pm. We want to bring togeth­er as many people as pos­sible who have been involved in PEDAL’s food pro­jects — wheth­er that’s the orch­ard, mar­ket, food grow­ing courses or whatever — and people who are inter­ested in loc­al food but haven’t yet man­aged to get involved.  Folk will be able to choose the top­ic they’re most keen on and work with oth­ers to plan what can be done over the next year. We hope to see you there!

Details of the ven­ue will be pos­ted on the web­site and emailed to all those who expressed an interest.

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