An Introduction to Organic Vegetable Gardening

Bridgend Growing Communities

Interested in grow­ing your own fruit and veget­ables? Not sure where to begin? This intro­duct­ory course at the Bridgend Allotments will give you a ground­ing in all you need to know to start grow­ing your own food.

Wednesday Course

Over two full days from 9.30 — 4.30

  • 18th May 2011
  • 1st June 2011

Contact Rob Ford 07974 077179

Weekend Courses

Over two consecutive

Saturdays from 9.30 — 4.30

  • 7th/14th May
  • 11th/18th June
  • 2nd/9th July

Contact Chris Macefield 07771 344856

All courses are £60 (£45 unwaged) and are accred­ited by Oatridge College

Bridgend — Growing Communities, Bridgend Allotments, 41 Old Dalkeith Road, Edinburgh EH16 4TE

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