Nature is not for sale, 21st November, 6.30pm, St Augustine’s Church, George IV Bridge

WDM Edinburgh is hold­ing the Forum on Natural Commons to stand up to glob­al fin­ance and share ideas to pro­tect the our nat­ur­al world for the bene­fit of all.

Why? Because the United Nations, gov­ern­ments and glob­al fin­an­cial insti­tu­tions will be meet­ing at the same time in Edinburgh to plan how to put a price on nature so it can be bought and sold as a com­mod­ity.  So far this prac­tice has utterly failed to stop the destruc­tion of our forests, cli­mate and biod­iversity.  That’s why we’re com­ing togeth­er to dis­cuss altern­at­ives to selling off the glob­al commons.

We’ll be shar­ing good food and ideas with some of the worlds lead­ing thinkers on rad­ic­al glob­al eco­sys­tem pro­tec­tion, includ­ing Brazilian act­iv­ist Camila Moreno, with more speak­ers to be announced.

A light din­ner will also be provided.  You can take part on 21 November by regis­ter­ing for free on our web­site now:

Augustine United Church
41 George IV Bridge
EH1 1EL Edinburgh

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