Energy group

The PEDAL Energy Group are inter­ested in increas­ing the amount of renew­able energy gen­er­ated in Portobello, and using that energy in a sus­tain­able way. The group help to shape PEDAL’s energy pro­jects, provide loc­al inform­a­tion, and act as advoc­ates with­in the wider com­munity in rela­tion to the pro­jects and issues of sus­tain­able energy.

Meetings of the Group are inform­al and open to any­one with an interest in sus­tain­able energy. If you’d like to come along to the next meet­ing or find out more about the Energy group, please con­tact us.

Why reduce carbon emissions?

We all need to drastic­ally reduce car­bon emis­sions from our every­day activ­it­ies if we are to stop irre­vers­ible run­away cli­mate change. The world’s cli­mate is already chan­ging as a res­ult of human activ­ity and this will only get worse unless we make changes and save energy.