Orchard Group

The Orchard Group are a col­lec­tion of people who sup­port the Donkeyfield Orchard, help­ing with its main­ten­ance and pro­mo­tion.  They attend reg­u­lar work­days and meetings.

Current mem­bers of the Orchard Group are:

  • Mary Jane Elton
  • Tom Ballantine
  • Diana Cairns
  • Peter Upton

Meetings of the Group are relaxed, inform­al and open to any­one with an interest in the Donkeyfield Orchard. If you’d like to come along, please con­tact Polly or Peter on 0131 258 4483 or at polly@pedal-porty.org.uk or peter@pedal-porty.org.uk for inform­a­tion on dates and venue.

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