Solar Porty further information

If you live out­with the con­ser­va­tion area in Portobello, then we can pass your details to the installer, and you can arrange a free sur­vey of your home. If you live with­in the con­ser­va­tion area we will need more inform­a­tion from you to find out what size of sys­tem is appro­pri­ate and wheth­er you will need (and be likely to get) plan­ning per­mis­sion for a sol­ar thermal system.

After this, Glendevon Energy, our selec­ted installer will need to carry out a sur­vey of your house to assess its suit­ab­il­ity for sol­ar hot water pan­els, and con­firm the over­all costs. Installation arrange­ments will be between the installer and householder.

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