Transition Hub

About the Transition Hub

In June 2008, PEDAL received a grant of just under £10,000 from the Big Lottery Fund to research loc­al needs and aspir­a­tions, and to explore how we could help meet these through the own­er­ship and devel­op­ment of loc­al assets.  We used some of this money to run a series of loc­al con­sulta­tions dur­ing September and October 2008.

A key find­ing was that there is a strong need for more mod­ern, flex­ible, attract­ive, and user-friendly space for loc­al groups to meet in and to devel­op and run their own ini­ti­at­ives from. Some of the more spe­cif­ic things people wanted include:

  • A com­munity cinema
  • Dedicated space(s) for chil­dren and young people
  • More space for per­form­ances – music, theatre, etc.
  • A music record­ing and pro­duc­tion studio
  • A phys­ic­al space where people can find out more about loc­al groups and activ­it­ies they can get involved in
  • A place where people can find out how to make prac­tic­al changes to their life­style that reduce their impact on the environment

The ideas that came out of this research were dis­tilled into a plan for a multi-pur­pose com­munity build­ing, which would also act as a demon­stra­tion of good prac­tice in envir­on­ment­ally respons­ible build­ing. We named this concept the ‘Transition Hub’. Unfortunately, des­pite our best efforts, we did­n’t secure fund­ing for the next stage of devel­op­ing the Transition Hub.

However, we don’t think all this hard work has been com­pletely in vain — going through the pro­cess has helped us to devel­op as an organ­isa­tion, we’ve learnt a lot about what loc­al people want, and about how to approach and plan for a pro­ject of this kind. We’ve also made pos­it­ive con­tact with oth­er loc­al groups and businesses.

We remain com­mit­ted to help­ing secure mod­ern, avail­able, flex­ible space for loc­al groups that is built to high envir­on­ment­al stand­ards, and we want to work with oth­ers to make this hap­pen. In fact, we’ve just been approached by the Community Centre Management Committee to feed into their plans for re-devel­op­ing the centre.

The 2008 – 9 Transition Hub vis­ion in detail (for future reference!)