Transport — If everyone lived as we do we’d need 3 planets to support us

Q: Can we reduce transport CO2 emissions?

Does your travel to work, shop, or for leis­ure emit CO2?

Could we change the way we work, shop and play to mean that we need to travel less?

A: PEDAL suggests: a thriving Portobello!

“Use it or lose it” – loc­al lib­rary, shops, swim­ming baths, pubs, churches, sham­an­ic centres, bingo, Zen pri­ory, yoga, kids wood­craft, judo, music – you name it, it’s hap­pen­ing here!

We could cam­paign for bet­ter bike routes to Leith, Musselburgh and the City and — for those of us with cars – remem­ber to use buses, bikes, the city car club, walk and share jour­neys when we can!

And, of course, as well as the ideas in the car­bon reduc­tion plan we are pro­pos­ing, we can help to make the streets (and future) safer for kids by end­ing the use of cars for the school runs…