Energy Fair in Town Hall 10th July

Please come along to our Energy fair in Portobello Town Hall. Between 11am and 4pm there will be altern­at­ive energy demos includ­ing bicycle powered music and smooth­ie mak­ing. You will be able to get energy advice, inform­a­tion on renew­able energy for your home, and advice on insu­la­tion grants.

Find out about about PEDAL’s  renew­able energy plans, and oppor­tun­it­ies to get involved in PEDAL projects.

There will also be inform­a­tion about PEDAL food pro­jects, as well as com­post­ing and waste reduc­tion tips.

Not for­get­ting a fant­ast­ic prize draw, with a first prize of an A rated energy effi­cient fridge freez­er, plus oth­er great energy-sav­ing gadgets!

Hope to see you there.

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